Wise Credit Card Use

The following post was submitted by a guest contributor… When Should You Use a Credit Card? Credit card debt is a trap many people fall into, but if you’re careful and use your cards wisely, you can make the most of your credit without digging yourself into a hole. While paying cash is preferable in […] https://kartinatv.pro картина тв онлайн тв русское смотрите онлайн.

Saving Money

Money saving for the skint It seems as though nobody has any money nowadays. Which is hardly surprising when you consider the financial climate, and the fact that everyone is keeping their purse strings drawn tight. Or at least we try to keep our money saved. Either in a savings account or with BullionVault Silver. […]

Income Report April 2012

I have been working online for about two years now, mostly doing (very) small time affiliate sales through blogs and websites. About two months ago, I decided to launch a freelance ghostwriting business because I was sick and tired of relying so heavily on Google for my income. It was an AWESOME business move for […]

Everyone has to start somewhere, I prefer the beginning.

pretty woman in red shawl

I got an email today from a friend that I am helping who is new to goats. Did you know that I have goats? He apologized for being a newbie. Why? Why would anyone apologize for being new to a new thing, and asking questions? I told him that “everyone has to start somewhere, I […]

Indonesian Peanut Butter Chicken Recipe

This is a recipe for “take-out fake-out” that is so delicious, you won’t miss your take-out food. Every time I make this dish, which is at least once a month, it is completely gobbled up, and I get many compliments along the lines of “best wife ever” “gourmet chef” etc. This is a crockpot recipe, […]

You’re Not Saving Money, You Are Spending Money On Your Hobby

Pink wedding cake

Yesterday I was baking a cake for my husband’s 30th birthday, The Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake, and I started thinking about all of the money that I could save if I took cake decorating classes and started making awesome birthday cakes. About thirty seconds into this conversation taking place in my head, I realized […]

Better Than Rice And Beans


While my family was traveling through the lean years of trying to get our debt paid off, I was trying my best to keep us on a “rice and beans” grocery budget, while keeping us in optimal health, and tantalizing our taste buds. Have you ever noticed that when you eat bland food day in […]

How We Got Out Of Debt- Part Two


To read How We Got Out Of Debt- Part One, Click Here.   The first thing we had to figure out was how we were going to pay the hospital bill. When I became pregnant I was working as a temp at a major financial institution, so I was uninsured. A birth in the hospital […]

How We Got Out Of Debt Part 1

Epargne et profit

My husband and I got married young, a few months before turning 20 for both of us. We both had average jobs, making around $15 an hour and were working fulltime. I was trying to save up enough money to save up to return to nursing school. I had to put school on hold because […]

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