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Culture & Relevance: Purpose Driven Marketing in the Digital Ecosystem

  1. Consistency is crucial. When it comes to polycultural strategy and resonating with emerging audiences, it’s important to acknowledge that these communities have always been here and engage them in conversation all year long, not just during tentpole calendar moments such as heritage months. 
  2. It’s important for brands to not silo out purpose driven marketing initiatives. Brands should work towards integrating polycultural strategies within each marketing team. We should challenge brands to constantly evaluate broader tentpole events, SEO practices, and evergreen moments that over-index with multicultural communities.
  3. Understanding and defining your audience is key. Remain aware of intersectional cultural conversations that don’t revolve around race alone. Encourage brands to think about how their marketing efforts can challenge ableism and amplify LGBTQ+ voices.
  4. Brands that are hesitant to insert themselves into these conversations due to potential ramifications will get left behind. The reward is bigger than the risk and every brand needs to start somewhere.

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The Science Behind the Happy Hour

  1. Maintaining eye contact is a trigger for oxytocin. You’re able to feel an openness to others when you maintain eye contact, establishing trust. 
  2. Zoom fatigue is very real and leads to decreased motivation. Employees are able to develop a healthy routine when actually going into the world and doing things, thus reviving their motivation.
  3. Hybrid work model enables individuals to ask for team feedback in real time and connect with a client at a moment’s notice.
  4. Direct Agents’ hybrid work model has allowed the agency to continue building and growing our culture. New hires enjoy having the opportunity to onboard and connect in-person with their teams.

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