How do you Repair a Damaged Online Reputation?

The following is a guest post… How do you repair a damaged online reputation? Reputation is key. Whether you’re running a large business or a small shop, your reputation is what carries your name so your Facebook privacy may be an issue. This is even more important online. If you’ve been given a bad reputation, […]

Kevin and Amanda's site has a similar recipe to mine - and some great pictures of the recipe in progress!  Enjoy!!!

Shoestring Christmas

Last year I was a little short of Christmas cash, and by that I mean that any gift I purchased was going to have to go on a credit card.  No lie.  I decided right then and there that I just wasn’t going to go into debt for the rest of my life, in order […]

Epargne et profit

Rotten Tomatoes

This is how grocery shopping used to go at our house… 1) Make a list 2) Go to the store 3) Buy almost everything on the list, but inexplicably forget to get things clearly written on said list 4) Go home 5) Put away groceries 6) Go back to the stupid store to get what […]

Total Money Makeover

Audio Books and Emergency Funds…

Some months ago, I borrowed an audio book from the library.  This book had been recommended AD NAUSEUM to me and I finally decided to read it, but I certainly wasn’t going to buy the blasted thing.  It was a book by Dave Ramsey called “The Total Money Make-over”. Don’t get excited – and please […]

My feet at the beach!

Just a Little Really Adds Up!

My daughter and I have a weakness.  A desire to be indulged and pampered.  A deep seated need to be spoiled and fussed over.  This need corresponds with another desire.  To not have cracked, dry, disgusting feet that scare small children.  To have cute toes painted a rainbow of lovely colors.  And there is this […]

How To Manage Your Business Cash Flow Effectively

The following is a guest post… How to manage your business cash flow effectively In any business, cash flow is of paramount importance. As the essential life blood of the company, it is important that you manage this cash flow effectively. This can often be difficult in a company, where money is constantly coming in […]

Top Credit Card Do’s and Dont’s

Everyone knows the basic rules of a credit card, but do you know how to unlock the potential of your cards to boost your credit score and get all those cardholder perks for free? Here are several pieces of advice to consider before you make your next purchase by swipe. Do make more than the […]

Benefits of Using an Online Accountancy Service

Benefits of using an online accountancy service For a business of any size, money management is one of the most important processes. Finances are the backbone of any business venture and are the principle part of business plans and everyday tasks. From managing the payment of employees to creating clear and professional invoices and paying […]

Entering The Passive Investment Arena


I am going to cautiously dip my toe into the passive investment arena. I want to make my passive internet income (through this blog and other outlets) work harder, so I am going to be investing a hefty portion of that income into passive investments. To begin, I will choose one investment vehicle off of […]

Are products targeting an older population set for a boom?

The following post was submitted by a guest contributor, let’s not forget to factor in changing lifestyle needs when we are calculating how much we should be contributing to our retirement accounts. As the recession has cast its wake across the UK, industries are now able to survey the post-crisis landscape. Companies, such as Stannah […]

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