The Commonwealth Cosmology Initiative

B.K.Gibson (UCLan), G.F.Lewis (USyd), R.S.Sutherland (ANU), C.J.Fluke (Swinburne), D.Kawata (Carnegie), M.J.Rees (Cambridge), G.Efstathiou (Cambridge), J.Silk (Oxford).
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</tr> </tr>
-<td>Daniel Rogers-Pryor</td>+
-<td>CSIRO Student Research Scheme</td>+
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<td>James Murray</td> <td>James Murray</td>
<td>[ Swinburne University of Technology]</td> <td>[ Swinburne University of Technology]</td>
 +<td>Daniel Rogers-Pryor</td>
 +<td>CSIRO Student Research Scheme</td>
</tr> </tr>
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<b>Friends of the CCI</b> <b>Friends of the CCI</b>
</td> </td>
 +<td>David Bacon</td>
 +<td>University of Portsmouth</td>
</tr> </tr>
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Foundation Members

Geraint Lewis The University of Sydney
Brad Gibson University of Central Lancashire
Ralph Sutherland The Australian National University
Christopher Fluke Swinburne University of Technology
Martin Rees University of Cambridge
George Efstathiou University of Cambridge
Joe Silk University of Oxford
Daisuke Kawata Carnegie Observatories

Postdoctoral Fellows

Stephanie Courty University of Central Lancashire
Chris Power Swinburne University of Technology


Brendon Brewer The University of Sydney
Matt Francis The University of Sydney
Alina Kiessling Swinburne University of Technology
Madhura Killedar The University of Sydney
Angela MacDonald University of Central Lancashire
Owain Snaith University of Central Lancashire

Research Assistants

Shaun Hooper Swinburne University of Technology
Adrian Malec Swinburne University of Technology
James Murray Swinburne University of Technology
Daniel Rogers-Pryor CSIRO Student Research Scheme

Friends of the CCI

David Bacon University of Portsmouth
Jeremy Bailin Swinburne University of Technology
Leticia Carigi
Rodrigo Ibata Strasbourg Observatory
Eric Linder University of California at Berkeley
Patricia Sanchez-Blazquez University of Central Lancashire
Hideki Yahagi

This research is supported under the Australian Research Council's Discovery funding scheme (project number DP0665574).

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