The Commonwealth Cosmology Initiative

B.K.Gibson (UCLan), G.F.Lewis (USyd), R.S.Sutherland (ANU), C.J.Fluke (Swinburne), D.Kawata (Carnegie), M.J.Rees (Cambridge), G.Efstathiou (Cambridge), J.Silk (Oxford).
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News and Events

3 Apr 2007

M.Francis, G.Lewis and E.Lindner have submitted Power Spectra to 1% Accuracy between Dynamical Dark Energy to astro-ph. For details, see here.

March 2007

The CCI welcomes undergraduate student Adrian Malec, who is undertaking a Research & Development project with C.Fluke and C.Power on 3D shapelets and their application to measuring dark matter halo shapes.

26 March 2007

The CCI welcomes research assistant James Murray, who has been hired to develop a multi-phase SPH code based on GADGET-2 (funded by VPAC e-Science Research Grant), working with C.Fluke, J.Bailin and C.Power.

March 2007

The CCI welcomes new PhD student Madhura Killedar, who has started her thesis with G.Lewis at the University of Sydney.

March 2007

M.Francis presented two talks while visiting LBNL. Copies of these talks are available here.

8 Feb 2007

Grant success! C.Fluke, C.Power and J.Bailin have been awarded a VPAC E-Research Program Grant: "Modelling Star Fromation and Supernova Feedback in Massively Parallel Cosmological Simulations".

February 2007

The CCI welcomes research assistant Shaun Hooper, who is working on short reserach project with C.Fluke, C.Power and J.Bailin at Swinburne University.

19 Jan 2007

First results from C. Power's high-resolution cluster and group simluations are available here.

15 Jan 2007

G. Lewis spoke at the Gravitational Microlensing Workshop in South Korea. A copy of his talk is available here.


July 2007 M.Killedar visiting Swinburne University
July 2007 C.Power visiting University of Sydney
19 June 2007 C.Fluke visiting University of Sydney
May 2007 G.Lewis visiting Swinburne University

26-27 April 2007

C.Power visiting University of Western Australia
April 2007 G.Lewis visiting B.Gibson at UCLan
14 March 2007 C.Fluke, C.Power and S.Hooper visiting University of Sydney
Feb 2007 M.Francis visiting Eric Linder at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and also speaking at UC Davis and Standford.

20-21 Feb 2007

C. Fluke visiting University of Sydney

8 Feb 2007

G. Lewis visiting Swinburne University

Aug 2006 C.Fluke visiting B.Gibson at UCLan

This research is supported under the Australian Research Council's Discovery funding scheme (project number DP0665574).

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