The Commonwealth Cosmology Initiative

B.K.Gibson (UCLan), G.F.Lewis (USyd), R.S.Sutherland (ANU), C.J.Fluke (Swinburne), D.Kawata (Carnegie), M.J.Rees (Cambridge), G.Efstathiou (Cambridge), J.Silk (Oxford).
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CCI Publications

[1] Coordinate Confusion in Conformal Cosmology
G.F.Lewis,M.J.Francis, L.A.Barnes, J.B.James, 2007, MNRAS, astro-ph/0707.2106 (in press)
[2] Expanding Space: The root of all evil?
M.J.Francis, L.A.Barnes, J.B.James, G.F.Lewis, 2007, PASA, astro-ph/0707.0380 (in press)
[3] Self-consistent massive disks in triaxial dark matter halos
J.Bailin, J.D.Simon, A.D.Bolatto, B.K.Gibson, C.Power, 2007, ApJ, astro-ph/0706.1357 (in press)
[4] The Anisotropic Distribution of Satellite Galaxies
J.Bailin, C.Power, P.Norberg, D.Zaritsky, B.K.Gibson, 2007, astro-ph/0706.1350 (MNRAS submitted)
[5] Power Spectra to 1% Accuracy between Dynamical Dark Energy Cosmologies
M.J.Francis, G.F. Lewis, E.V.Linder, 2007, MNRAS, astro-ph/0704.0312, (in press)
[6] Resolving the Structure at the Heart of BAL Quasars Through Microlensing Induced Polarisation Variability
C. Hales, G.F. Lewis, 2007, PASA, 24, 30

This research is supported under the Australian Research Council's Discovery funding scheme (project number DP0665574).

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